C-Confion brings native feistiness to Ghanaian movie Akakalito with intense performance

Prehistoric civilization comes to life in the intense and captivating Akakalito movie featuring the fiery character of C-Confion.

C-Confion in promotional photos for Akaklito movie
C-Confion in promotional photos for Akaklito movie

Actor Bright Owusu a.k.a C-Confion, known for his fiery and unpredictable character portrayals, is set to bring his signature brand of feistiness to the upcoming Ghanaian movie, Akakalito. The film, which takes inspiration from Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, boasts a talented cast of both established and up-and-coming actors, including Dr. Likee (Akabenezer), Kyekyeku, 39/40, Fakye, Momaa, Jordan, and many more.

The story is set in a prehistoric society, where black magic, barbaric acts, and sacrifices were the norm. Akakalito follows the struggles of this primitive community as they navigate the challenges of life, family, leadership, and spirituality.

C-Confion in promotional photos for Akaklito movie<img>
C-Confion in promotional photos for Akakalito movie

C-Confion has already released promotional photos showcasing his character, giving audiences a glimpse into the intensity he will bring to the film. Produced and directed by Kyinkyinatwan, the movie is being filmed in a remote village in Ghana’s Asante Region and will be released on the popular YouTube channel, Try God.

Ghana’s YouTube community has been thriving in recent years, with creators producing a diverse range of content in local dialects such as Twi, Fante, Hausa, and Ga. Akakalito is set to add to this vibrant and growing industry, promising to entertain and inform audiences in Ghana and beyond.


(Written by: Dr Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah)

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