Businesswoman causes seizure of 2 Aggrey Memorial SHS vehicles over ¢100k debt


A businesswoman has caused the seizure of a bus and a Mahindra pick-up truck belonging to the Aggrey Memorial A.M.E Zion Senior High School.

This is because of the school’s failure to pay her more hundred thousand cedis after she supplied food items to the school.

The vehicles are currently being kept at the premises of a Cape Coast District Court and will be handed over to an auctioneer in due course.

The company involved is Kanamis Enterprise with its Managing Director being Comfort Nkrumah.

She contends that in 2018 she entered into a contract with the school to supply food items on a credit basis.

The total goods supplied were valued at ¢257,000. Part-payment was made leaving more than ¢100,000 outstanding. This is what resulted in the decision to initiate legal action.

The school admitted in court that the total outstanding debt stood at ¢154,717.

The court said this meant the matter was settled and ordered payment. This was in 2022 and there has been no payment since then.

The businesswoman is initiating steps to have the two vehicles attached.

They are currently at the premises of the cape coast district court and have been there for more than a week. The plan is to have them sold. The surprise is that school authorities have still not made contact.


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