Daddy Lumba stars Dr Likee in visuals for ‘Ofon’ hit


Daddy Lumba has released the official music video for his ‘Ofon’ instant hit.

Wednesday, April 5, 2023, the Highlife legend shared the Yaw Skyface-directed and Amar Ages-produced work on his YouTube channel.

At publication time, the 4 minute piece is trending at number seven for music on the social media platform.

‘Ofon Na Ɛdi Asɛm Fo’ argues that if a person is good-for-nothing, he helplessly shows it by his actions.

In keeping with the idea, the music video captures social media star and comic Dr Likee as the ‘Ofon’ as a jeweler who visits Lumba ‘The Don’ with some precious stones in exchange for hefty payment.

During the transaction, he winks at a voluptuous lover (Chi Chi) of Lumba’s watching the goings-on from the mezzanine.

Lumba later finds out he has been duped but he secures the last laugh.


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