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Founder and managing partner of Le’Chi Nature’s Bath, Teresa Mabel Kyei-Mensah says entrepreneurship is not about getting money and starting a business.

It requires education, technical and technological skills to succeed in the field, she explains.

Speaking in an interview on Joy Prime’s morning show, the civil-engineer-by-profession entrepreneur gave insights into how she manages her business, supported by her financially inclined husband with his background in finance.

“My other partner, who happens to be my husband, who is a finance person, checks the numbers. So, are we putting it at the right price that people are buying it off the shelves? Are we making profit out of it? Is it taking care of our rent, our workers…?

“So, all these things come into the entrepreneurial space. It’s not just you getting money and starting a business,” she explained.

Despite the growth of her business, she believes she is not qualified as a full-time entrepreneur because she is still acquiring the skills, and requested that people parading themselves as entrepreneurs with relatively small businesses stop.

She said the title requires a setting where there can still be productivity without the presence of the owner.

“An entrepreneur is when I can be out of my business and the business runs on its own. So, for now, I see myself as a self-employed person,” she said.

Quitting her civil engineering job to establish her own business has been tough, but perseverance, determination, and sacrifice have helped in her current success.

She urged young unemployed graduates to try as much as possible to create their own employment instead of relying on other people, as that is the basis of education.

Madam Teresa Kyei-Mensah also believes in the idea that a little-capital business can be successful depending on its management.

Source: myjoyonline.com

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