Ghana will be a lost cause in 20 years if nothing changes – Dr Wereko-Brobbey


A pioneer of private media in Ghana, Dr Charles Wereko-Brobbey, believes Ghana’s future is very bleak if an immediate step is not taken to salvage the country from its current state.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, on Thursday, the politician gave managers of the country less than 20 years to turn a new leaf or face the consequences.

Dr Wereko-Brobbey said his projection comes after he diligently observed the system of governance in the Fourth Republic.

“In our 66 years of independence and 32 years of the Fourth Republic and we need to ask ourselves, since we became independent, how far have we travelled down the road of managing our own affairs?

“I don’t think we’ve made much progress and we seem to be going back and if we’re not careful we shall become neo-colonies of the so-called developed countries.

“And I feel that after 30 years of the Fourth Republic and two turns of the two main political parties, what I see happening is that this country is going nowhere, in fact, we’re retrogressing,” he said on Thursday.

The Policy Analyst, therefore, asked the country’s leadership to take a pause and with the participation of citizens reflect on the ambition and goals of Ghana.

He held the view that by clearly outlining these objectives, Ghana can now take the execute measures to attain those goals.

“So we should look at what democracy and independence actually mean to us going forward, because I fear that if we keep going down the same route in 20 years, we’ll have nothing to talk of.

“All the best talents in this country would have left and many people would be in a state of apathy,” he said.

On the same show, a former UN Advisor, Prof Baffour Agyemang-Duah said it is not too late to salvage Ghana’s situation.

He concurred with previous views that Ghana needs a union government to reconcile the numerous factions so that there will be a unified approach to development.


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