Momaa’s “Madam English” Style Wins Hearts of Fans

Discover how Ghanaian actress Momaa's use of "madam English" has won her a legion of fans in the new media acting community.

Ghanaian actress Momaa on set of new series Akakalito
Ghanaian actress Momaa

Ghanaian Youtube actress Momaa, who has gained popularity for her unique use of the English language in movies, has revealed that it is a deliberate act that resonates with her fans. Momaa Beauty, who is known for her “madam English” performances, shared that her fans love the way she uses the language and that it has contributed to her success in the industry.

Speaking to Poleeno Media on the set of the new series Akakalito, Momaa, whose real name is not disclosed, clarified that her poor use of the English language is not a reflection of her literacy skills, but rather an act that has endeared her to her fans. She noted that she has received tremendous support from her viewers, which has encouraged her to continue using the style in her performances.

Ghanaian actress Momaa  <img>
Ghanaian actress Momaa

The talented actress, who was discovered by popular Kumawood actor and YouTuber Dr. Likee, has been featured in over a hundred movies, series, and short skits. Her style of acting, which is characterized by the use of malapropisms and grammatical errors, has won her a legion of fans who can’t get enough of her performances.

Momaa acknowledged that her decision to use the “madam English” style in her acting is not for everyone, but it works for her and her audience. She added that she is constantly working to improve her acting skills and is open to trying new things that will continue to captivate her fans.

Momaa’s unique approach to acting has made her a household name in Ghana’s movie industry, especially within the new media acting community, and her fans continue to show their support for her. Her willingness to embrace her individuality and give her audience what they want is an inspiration to many young actors in the country.

Ghana’s YouTube community has been growing steadily in the past few years, with creators churning out many skits and movies to entertain and inform audiences in Ghana and abroad. Most Youtube series from Ghana are in local dialects like Twi, Fante, Hausa, and Ga.


(Written by Dr Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah)

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