Harold Amenyah speaks about being a celebrity in Ghana


Actor and TV show host Harold Amenyah has revealed he lives a very normal life unlike many other celebrities here in Ghana.

Speaking to JoyNews Becky the actor said that unlike what people assume being a celebrity is like, he likes to do everything by himself including running errands adding that he hates it when other people do those things for him.

Asked about what is it like being in the limelight, Harold Amenyah said that “I don’t really know what it means to be a celebrity. I only dress up and show up at events. If that’s what it means then that’s what I do that probably makes me look like a celebrity.”

Touching on how he survives under the spotlight, the actor said a person must have the mental fortitude to survive in Ghana.

“You need to be mentally strong, in the sense that you’re not moved by what people say. Of course, it’s good to have compliments, it’s good to have fans, it’s good to have people shower praises on you but guess what, if that gets to your head then trust me their criticisms and negative comments will also get to you. So it’s good to have balance.”

Harold Amenyah is a Ghanaian actor, TV personality, fashion icon, host and businessman who has worked as a brand influencer for popular brands including telecommunication giant Tigo.

He made his acting debut starring in a 2012 TV series ” Xoxo”. Amenyah moved on to feature in several Ghanaian movies and series both Akan and English such 4play Reloaded, Honour my tears, A Sting in a Tale, Wedding Night, Every Woman Has A Story, Sadia and Eden.

Amenyah became a household name after his commercial for Telecommunication company, Tigo debuted “Drop that Yam” which also featured Ghanaian actress Naa Ashorkor. In 2019, through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and a Barbados movie production company, Amenyah and other Ghanaian actors were selected to star in a Year of return 2019 movie titled “Joseph”.He played the character Nii.

Source: myjoyonline.com

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