I Saved Earth from Alien Attack- F.P. Mensah on Revelations with Maame Grace

Embracing Spirituality and Love-Based Consciousness to Safeguard Our Planet

F.P. Mensah speaking on a stage with a globe in the background
F.P. Mensah speaking on a stage with a globe in the background

In a recent interview with Maame Grace on YouTube, F.P. Mensah shared his thoughts on the threat of alien species to Earth because of mankind’s use of Artificial Intelligence instead of Natural Intelligence – and how he prevented their destruction of our planet. F.P. Mensah is an awareness scientist who believes in the power of cosmic intelligence and the need for humans to change their behavior to protect the planet.

Mensah revealed that in 2012, he was contacted by an intelligence who was planning to intervene in our planet’s affairs due to our primitive behavior and our failure to live up to cosmic intelligence’s expectations. Mensah negotiated with them and managed to buy some time for humanity to change. However, he warns that the situation is now dire and that we are heading toward total extinction and destruction.

The threat to Earth comes not just from this intelligence but also from other beings that seek to infiltrate and capitalize on our situation. Mensah believes that humans need to develop their spirituality and harness the spiritual energy of love from cosmic intelligence and spiritual hierarchies to intervene and protect the planet. He stresses that this is the only home we have, and we need to safeguard it for future generations.

Mensah spoke of two types of intelligence: positive and negative. He explained that negative intelligence is the source of the construction of plastic and other harmful materials. These materials cannot naturally go back to the source and create side effects. He believes that humans must shift their focus to a love-based consciousness and oppose the negative energy that threatens our planet.

In conclusion, F.P. Mensah’s message is clear: humans must change their behavior and embrace spirituality to protect the planet from the threat of alien species and negative intelligence. The need of the hour is to shift our consciousness to love-based energy and work towards creating a positive energy that can safeguard our planet for future generations.

Mensah’s call to action is a wake-up call for humanity to realize the importance of protecting our planet and taking responsibility for our actions.

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