LGBTQIA+: What’s done in private is no one’s business but untraditional behaviours can’t be sanctioned – Nana Yaa Brefo


Broadcast journalist Nana Yaa Brefo has asserted that while one’s private sexual activities are no one else’s business, untraditional sexual behaviours cannot be shown in public nor receive official approval.

She said this on Ayekoo Ayekoo hosted by Nana Romeo, Thursday, March 30, 2023, on Accra 100.5 FM.

Ms Brefo vehemently decried the homosexual lifestyle.

She also worried over what she said is a growing trend of women engaging in anal intercourse with their partners.

“Some women even prefer that,” she said, and argued that it is no different from homosexual activity.

Threesomes, being in bed with two partners at the same time, “is also a thing people are doing now,” she observed, adding that: “Some women even look for other women to join them and their male partners in bed.”

“What you do in your private room is none of our business,” she, however, said. “If you are a man and you are attracted to men but you do that in your room, that’s not my problem.”

With that said, she categorically denounced gay marriage.

“But for us to go to the church hall to bless it [as] marriage, or to see such behaviour displayed outside, hell no!” she stressed. “That’d be us being animals.”

Nana Yaa Brefo, notwithstanding her strong views on LGBTQIA+ does not advocate violence against members of the community.

“I think that [it’s right] that when we see or suspect someone to be gay, we have to catch them and beat them; tie them to a pole and flog them,” she said. “That’s not good. It’s not right.”

She said that is “a human rights issue,” and “it’s not fair.”

However, Ms Brefo finds imprisonment appropriate.

“The sentence reduced from five years to three, I agree with it,” she said, positing that: “If you criminalise something it deters people from even getting attracted to it.”

She noted that “in our secondary schools, [the LGBTQIA+] activities are happening. Girls with girls; boys with boys.

“So that law has all our support. It should be ratified so that we can deter people from showing homosexual love publicly.”

She questioned the rationale behind men coupling with their biological mates and women doing same when there is an abundance of opposite candidates to be with.


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