The Quest of Alkebulan in UK: Maame Grace Explores Cultural and Spiritual Monuments

Comparing UK's Stonehenge and Ghana's Techiman Grotto


Maame Grace, the host of the Quest of Alkebulan, recently visited the UK to film an episode of her show at the iconic Stonehenge monument. Stonehenge is a prehistoric man-made structure that symbolizes British heritage and culture.

It attracts over 1.5 million tourists each year, who pay £18 for the opportunity to visit and experience its divine healing powers. However, the monument also has a dark past, having been a site where people were hanged to death.

During her visit, Maame Grace compared the preservation of Stonehenge to the neglect of Ghana’s Techiman Grotto, a natural rock formation with stunning, engineered stone monuments. The Grotto has been largely ignored by Ghanaians, despite its beauty and significance.

Maame Grace’s message to Africans is clear: “Africa, we need to wake up and help ourselves!” The Quest of Alkebulan, produced by GEROM TV, is the first-ever spiritual documentary to be made available on YouTube. The show aims to explore Africa’s spiritual heritage and inspire Africans to preserve it for future generations.

Maame Grace’s visit to the UK is a timely reminder of the importance of preserving cultural and spiritual monuments. These monuments serve as a link to our past and help us to understand our present. By neglecting them, we risk losing a part of ourselves.

As Africans, we have a responsibility to preserve our heritage and ensure that it is passed down to future generations. The Quest of Alkebulan is a powerful reminder of this responsibility. It highlights the need to value and protect our cultural and spiritual monuments, just as the British do with Stonehenge.

The Quest of Alkebulan is a must-watch for anyone interested in Africa’s spiritual heritage and the importance of preserving it. Maame Grace’s visit to the UK is just one example of the show’s commitment to exploring and celebrating Africa’s rich cultural and spiritual legacy.

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