Rise of Celebrity Doppelgängers in Ghana: How Look-Alikes are Amplifying the Entertainment Industry

Kelly Mensah explores the Potential of Doppelgängers in Ghana's Entertainment Industry

Doppelgänger promoting artist's work on TikTok
Doppelgänger promoting artist's work on TikTok

The entertainment industry has seen a surge of individuals bearing an uncanny resemblance to celebrities, creating a buzz on social media platforms. From Angelina Jolie to Kim Kardashian and even the late Michael Jackson, these doppelgängers have caught the attention of many. Ghana is not an exception, and the country is showcasing its own set of celebrity look-alikes.

Some of these doppelgängers are so close in resemblance to their celebrity counterparts that it can be difficult to unsee the similarities. With the rise of social media, there is now an impersonation industry for celebrities, and some have even gone a step further to engage their look-alikes as decoys to amplify their brands.

One example of this is the case of Rockstar Jnr, the doppelganger of Ghanaian singer Kuami Eugene, who has been promoting the artist’s new single on TikTok, helping it to achieve a remarkable one million views. The success of this strategy has demonstrated the potential for doppelgängers to aid in the promotion of an artist’s work and increase their visibility on social media.

Other celebrities, such as Mr. Drew, KiDI, Sarkodie, King Promise, and Fameye, have also attracted their own set of doppelgängers, who have been performing decoy roles as impressionists for micro-social activities.

Rather than being intimidated by these doppelgängers, it is time to open up to the idea that they can contribute to the entertainment industry in a positive way. These individuals possess unique talents that can be harnessed for the promotion of artists and other entertainers.

The rise of doppelgängers in the entertainment industry is an exciting phenomenon that is changing the way we view the industry. With their unique resemblance to celebrities and the potential to promote their works, it is essential to understand the value of these individuals and their potential to amplify the entertainment industry in Ghana.


Have you ever come across someone who looks uncannily like a celebrity you know? If you have, you may have just met a celebrity doppelganger! A doppelganger is a person who looks like someone else, and celebrity doppelgangers are those who bear a striking resemblance to famous people.

It’s no surprise that people are fascinated by celebrities, and seeing someone who looks like a famous person can be a thrilling experience. While some celebrity doppelgangers try to fly under the radar, others embrace their uncanny resemblance and even capitalize on it by pursuing careers in entertainment.

One of the most famous celebrity doppelgangers is American actor and comedian, Jim Carrey, who has a lookalike named Anthony, a former bartender from New York. Anthony looks so much like Jim Carrey that he has been asked for autographs and even photographed with fans. In fact, Anthony’s resemblance to Jim Carrey is so uncanny that he has been hired to play Carrey’s double in movies and television shows.

Another famous celebrity doppelganger is a British singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, who has a lookalike named Ty Jones, from Manchester. Ty’s resemblance to Sheeran has led him to become a professional Ed Sheeran impersonator, performing at events and parties around the world.

The concept of celebrity doppelgangers is not limited to the entertainment industry, however. Even historical figures have doppelgangers. For instance, Abraham Lincoln had a doppelganger named John B. Owens, who was a lawyer and actor in the 19th century.

But why do we find celebrity doppelgangers so fascinating? One possible reason is that humans are hard-wired to recognize and remember faces. According to research, we have a specialized brain network that is dedicated to processing facial information. So, when we see someone who looks like a celebrity we know, our brain may get excited and respond as if we’re seeing the real celebrity.

(Written by Dr Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah)

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