Shugatiti Sues Prophet for Defamation – Details Revealed

Ghanaian Socialite Takes Legal Action Against Prophet Ekatso for Defamatory Statements

Shugatiti Sues Prophet Ekatso for Defamation
Shugatiti Sues Prophet Ekatso for Defamation

Ghanaian socialite, Shugatiti, announced that she has taken legal action against one Frank Gogo, also known as Prophet Ekatso, for defaming her character, according to a report by Ghanaweb. The lawsuit was filed at the Tema High Court by Shugatiti’s legal team.

According to the lawsuit, Prophet Ekatso made certain statements about Shugatiti during an interview with Mama Radio Gh, which was posted on YouTube on April 16, 2023. In the interview, Prophet Ekatso raised questions about the source of Shugatiti’s wealth and alleged that she was using marine spirits to operate her restaurant, Pot Of Shuga. He also claimed that anyone who ate at her restaurant would have their soul immediately bought by these alleged marine spirits.

Shugatiti has chosen to take legal action to protect her reputation and clear her name. She believes that these defamatory statements have tarnished her image and could potentially harm her business ventures. By taking legal action, she hopes to send a message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

The full writ outlines the specific claims made by Prophet Ekatso and the legal arguments being made by Shugatiti’s team. This case will be closely monitored by the media and the public alike as it unfolds in court.


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