Stop fooling and hustle – Medikal blasts celebrity lookalikes


Rapper Medikal has advised the young men parading themselves as lookalikes of some celebrities to desist from doing so.

In a video shared on social media, Medikal said that with the rise of celebrity lookalikes, attention has been shifted to those who impersonate and profit off artistes rather than the musicians who worked hard to create their music.

Medikal said that musicians would be flattered if anyone claims to look like them, however, these lookalikes talking advantage of artiste and their work has gone too far.

The rapper advised the young men to rather find their own source of income.

He explained that as an artiste he encourages others to work hard and earn more money and thus no true fan of his would not only claim to look like him but also sit on social media to beg others to send them money.

“If you claim to look like me and so want to live like me, fine then find money. Because Medikal is always looking for money, I am always preaching about money, telling people to grind, not to give up, to forget everybody and keep going hard, so why are you online asking for MOMO? Because Medickal doesn’t come on live to ask for MOMO.”

This comes after the country witnessed an increase in celebrity lookalikes for artistes, especially Kuami Eugene, KiDi, Medikal, King Promise and others.

Some of the have been seen performing songs by artistes at events.

Many members of the general public have expressed concerns about the phenomenon with some calling for a seizure while others calling for artistes to be cautious.

Meanwhile, Legal practitioner, Godwin Selasi Owusu says individuals impersonating celebrities could spend about 20 years in jail if they do not desist from the act.

Speaking on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning, he explained that impersonation of an individual is a criminal act, according to the law, and if the culprits are taken to court, they could be accused of defrauding by false pretence.


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