Tecno Ghana Extends Contract with Dr. Likee

Ghanaian YouTube comedian to help market TECno's latest device


Ghanaian comedian and YouTube producer Dr. Likee has signed a contract renewal with Tecno Ghana for 2023. This exciting development marks another year of collaboration between the two entities, as TECno had previously signed an initial contract with Dr. Likee, which expired in 2023 -2024, according to Plus One TV. The contract renewal ceremony was attended by a number of YouTube actors, including Seniorman Leila, Pilato, Azoka, Poleeno, Wofa Shifo, and other social media content creators.

Dr. Likee is a well-known Ghanaian media personality and YouTube comedian, with a thriving online career. The signing ceremony was held at Tecno’s office in Kumasi, where company executives met with Dr. Likee and his management to review and sign the contract to renew his ambassadorial deal. As part of the deal, Dr. Likee will be helping to market Tecno’s new device, the Tecno SPARK 10.

Signing this deal with Dr. Likee is a significant milestone for Tecno, as it exposes the brand to over 20 million monthly eyeballs, amalgamating from about 20 top YouTube channels within the Dr. Likee YouTube content creation empire. This exposure provides the brand with a massive stock of visibility that it can leverage for sales and brand activation.

With this contract renewal, Tecno has demonstrated its commitment to fostering strong relationships with content creators and influencers in Ghana’s entertainment industry. This move also highlights Tecno’s determination to stay at the forefront of digital marketing and its willingness to embrace innovative approaches to reaching its target audience.

To us at Cediweb.com, Tecno Ghana’s renewal of its contract with Dr. Likee is a testament to the brand’s vision for growth and innovation. It represents a significant opportunity for Tecno to expand its reach in the Ghanaian market and enhance its brand visibility. Dr. Likee’s impact as a content creator and influencer will undoubtedly contribute to the success of Tecno’s marketing campaigns. We look forward to seeing the results of this exciting partnership.

Written by: Dr Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah

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