The average Ghanaian is not a dwarf in managing their own affairs – Bokpin


Economist Professor Godfred Bokpin is confident about Ghana managing its own affairs without support from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, the Economist, however, noted that this feat can only be attained should political leaders begin to prioritise the nation and its people.

In his view, “It is greed and corruption that has made it look like God did not give us brains.”

Prof Bokpin who was contributing to discussions on Ghana’s IMF negotiations insisted that no external body can resuscitate the economy better than Ghanaians themselves.

He believed that Ghana has educated and experienced finance specialists who can come up with strategies and implementations that would transform the country and be beneficial to citizens.

“If we want to do it, we can do it. The average Ghanaian is not a dwarf in the intelligence continuum.

“And IMF does not understand our economy much more than we do ourselves. They will consult us and will take the input from here and repackage it and give it back to us,” he said on Tuesday.

Prof Bokpin further called for a national dialogue to solve these frequent economic crises once and for all.

“Instead of us running around begging, this is the time to call Ghanaians in a national stakeholder conversation and then we’ll all come to the table and deliberate on what trade doors we have to make and what monitoring mechanism we ought to put in place.”

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