Every woman is considered a sex symbol – Hajia Bintu tells Delay


Popular TikTok Star and influencer, Hajia Bintu does not have qualms with her new found status as as ‘sex symbol’ in Ghana.

Born Naomi Asiamah, the voluptuous video vixen said she was just living her life hence had come to terms with the fact that people were ‘lusting’ after her body.

Hajia Bintu, 24, disclosed the information to host Delores Frimpong-Manso on the popular Delay Show on TV3.

“I am just living my life,” Hajia Bintu further explained “I mean every woman is a sex symbol…what I am trying to say is that as a woman you need to psyche yourself about being objectified”

Hajia Bintu who has been a topical subject since she first arrived on the entertainment and social scene also debunked rumours of surgically enhancing her body.

She revealed that it was all natural and the closest she’s gone to enhancing her body will be her poses in pictures. According to her, the angles in the shots she took may have contributed to how large her backside is portrayed online.

“I’ve not pumped my buttocks. I think it’s growth. As you grow the body also grows. Maybe when I was younger I did not know of angles but now when I take pictures I take them with the right angles that’s why you see things like that,” she pointed out.

Hajia Bintu’s interview with Delay has dominated online conversations as at the time of writing this report with several netizens castigating her for putting women in a certain box just like her colleague, Moesha Buodong did in her CNN interview.

Source: 3news.com

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